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Our History & Skills

 Through years of trading we kept learning, improving and adapting to new market conditions. Today we have a very unique set of sharp skills we use everyday. Working with information – going over news, posts, notices and finding everything useful, doing fundamental analysis, detecting and uncovering FUD and FOMO moves, technical analysis and more. We pay attention to connection between different markets and currencies. Small detail can be as essential as huge move can be only a manipulation, but we are the first to know and so can be you.

28 Jan 2005

Our first experience – FOREX

The first real test of our abilities came just after we had finished Finances and Management studies. This discovered passion set clear course for our future.

31 Oct 2008

Bitcoin whitepaper

In the year 2008, world crisis brought us something extraordinary – from overall chaos on financial markets rose a new phenomen. On October 31 the Bitcoin Whitepaper was published and started a new era.

12 Oct 2013

Wild first years

It didn’t take long and alongside bitcoin new cryptocurrencies started being created (and copied). This eventually led to creation of cryptocurrency exchanges but it took some time before the first actually usable exchange with real volatility appeared.

7 Feb 2014

Our crypto beginnings

After few months of observing and learning about this new market, cryptocurrencies were added into our portfolios and for us, that opened a whole new chapter.

1 Dec 2019

Artificial Intelligence

It is important to keep moving forward. So we put our heads together and created special algorithms for automated trading.

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