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Please read this article. Very short to read, very informative and everything is for free and for all. 👍 Thank you for sharing.
🔥 ETH / USDT Strategies have been added! 🔥

Check our results and How to setup it here:
Just sayin’ 😉
🔥Learn about Fundamental analysis (important topic!) in our latest article:
We just added a PolySwarm Scanbot in our chat. Fully automated threat detection to be more safe.
If you have your own Telegram chat group, use @PolySwarmBot. It will automatically scan any files and URLs sent to this chat via @PolySwarm, the decentralized threat detection marketplace. In group chats, this bot will only respond if a file is likely malicious, and will delete the offending file if it has administrative privileges.

Great service!